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Skills Coaching is delivered by an expert in a particular field. It is delivered in a directive style; the expert imparts his/her knowledge of the specific subject area on the individual with clear goals and a review at the end. This kind of individualised executive coaching course is becoming more valuable as executives are promoted more quickly into diverse functions and situations than in the past. Executives do not have time to wait for a scheduled training programme or even spend days away from the office. Although more expensive than training, skills coaching is more convenient and thus entails a lower opportunity cost for a busy executive since our executive coaches will be flexible enough to meet where and when the client wishes.


  • 2-3 two-hour meetings over 1-2 months

Typical Issues

  • Specific skills requirements that require immediate attention. Examples include presenting, selling, negotiating, dealing with the media.
  • Individual support following training programme to embed learning and apply it to the workplace.

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