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Performance coaching is delivered by a mixture of the coach being an expert and a facilitator, using directive management of the programme and a non-directive style of coaching throughout.

Business and personal objectives are set, with clients being encouraged (through feedback and questioning techniques) to identify what changes and choices they wish to achieve, importantly, they also consider what stands in the way of their own or their teams improved performance. In order to achieve peak performance through change and ultimately more choice, the coach will create different learning experiences and models to effect this change, with the coach’s flexibility being of paramount importance to the coaching process. Contracting is required to agree goals and align expectations with a review and feedback to sponsor at end.

Performance coaching has experienced a shift over the last few years, away from an initial remedial connotation. Senior Executives were initially referred clandestinely to coaches, implying that both the organisation and the individual regarded the process as a sign of underperformance or weakness. More recently, there are an increasing number of executives who are proud to declare they are seeing executive coaches because it signifies that their organisation is prepared to make a substantial investment in them.

Because of its focus on results in a shorter timeframe, organisations are especially attracted to this type of executive coaching course. It can also be easier to gain acceptance from busy executives themselves, who feel more comfortable devoting time to their own development when they feel confident of quick results.


  • Weekly or fortnightly one-hour meetings over 3-6 months

Typical Issues

  • Clarifying expected performance in current role or project
  • Maximising performance in a current role or project
  • Changing behaviours based upon feedback
  • Preparing for a new role (for example functional to general management promotion)
  • Support during induction to new organisation
  • Support during change initiative

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