ILM Level 7 in Strategic Leadership
£1,950 (50% funding available to SMEs)

This strategic leadership qualification is specifically designed for business leaders who seek real-world knowledge about how to drive growth, profit and sustainability in their business, by taking the world’s best practice and applying it directly to their own business.

The programme is delivered over 5 days spread over a period of 3 months to ensure all learning can be directly applied to your business between sessions. At the end of the programme one of our Senior Executive Coaches will ensure all learning is applied effectively through executive coaching. Courses run throughout the year in London and Birmingham.

Programme Content:

Workshop 1

Leadership Theory
The effective leader has an understanding of different leadership theories, but more crucially, they will know when to apply them. This workshop provides participants with an overview of the most popular leadership theories. Using case studies, self-assessment tools and through group discussion, participants will explore the impact of these theories on organisations; and enhance their understanding of reflective practice for leaders.

Workshop 2

Vision and Strategy
This practical workshop will encourage participants to identify key strengths and weaknesses of their own business or department by focusing on the core skills required to develop a robust and credible business plan; participants will also explore the different elements that make up a company vision.

Workshop 3

Marketing for Growth
During this workshop, participants will analyse the different elements of marketing, and learn how to create an effective marketing campaign for their own business by identifying appropriate marketing strategies which focus on meeting growth objectives.

Workshop 4

The Sales Process
One of the most crucial strategic issues for many business owners in today’s market is the ability to create discernable value for potential customers, and one key way of delivering this is through the sales process. Through practical application, this workshop will focus participants on the selling process by evaluating each of the key stages involved. Participants are encouraged to examine their current sales processes and build a credible success model.

Workshop 5

Finance and Execution
This workshop will provide participants with a broad understanding of the different elements of finance, and the importance of having key measures through their business. Specific emphasis is placed on preparing and producing a financial forecast and having a credible and robust plan for how growth objectives will be met. Participants will also explore how to drive execution in the business by learning how to create a short term quarterly execution plan, and a long term plan for the achievement of business objectives.


This is a concise qualification – the assignment will cover a review of different leadership theories relevant to your organisation and an investigation of organisational leadership performance by analysing a critical incident. The assignment will also cover your reflection on the programme and your learning experiences to improve your performance.

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