Executive coaching courses to create permanent and sustainable change

The term Executive Coaching is largely misunderstood in the UK. Many people say they offer executive coaching courses or are executive coaches, only to offer mentoring, training or only one approach to coaching which has given it a bad name. We feel that one type of coaching does not ‘fit all’, so we have mastered four different approaches to coaching to ensure success.

  • Directive Coaching
    and GROW
  • Solution Focused Coaching
  • Analytic and Organisational Coaching
  • Person-Centred Coaching

Solution Focused Coaching

Suggesting and supporting, or helping the coachee with options and positive feedback. The coach attempts to send the coachee off on a more positive, constructive train of thought and to help with suggestions for the future.

Person-Centred Coaching

Supporting and exploring, or facilitating the coachee with encouragement and understanding. The coach attempts to explore the issue together with the coachee and contributes warmth and understanding to the conversation.

Analytic and Organisational Coaching

Exploring and confronting, or facilitating the coachee at a greater distance. The coach attempts to look at what the coachee is leaving out and cannot appreciate personally, thus contributing understanding and objectivity to the conversation.

Directive Coaching and GROW

Suggesting and confronting, or helping the coachee with suggestions and instructions. The coach attempts to offer the coachee a new framework or approach to the problems being considered, and contributes ideas and recommendations to the conversation.


Executive Coaches that meet your precise needs

Our Executive Coaches offer a wide range of Executive Coaching Courses depending on the needs of the executive:

Skills Coaching
A short Executive Coaching Course, usually 2 – 3 two hour meetings for specific skills requirements that require immediate attention.

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Performance Coaching
A slightly longer Executive Coaching Course, usually weekly or fortnightly over 3 – 6 months to overcome specific performance issues.

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Development Coaching
A long term Executive Coaching Course, usually over 12 - 18 months to plan and implement personal and business strategies for growth.

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For more information regarding our executive coaching courses please do not hesitate to call or contact us by email.

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“The executive coaching has helped me understand the different styles of leadership and how this impacts on different people, the importance of delegation, and a more detailed understanding of planning and the importance of it. Worth every minute of my time, excellent investment.”

John Summers,
Owner, Summers Poultry Products

An International Coach Federation survey of 4000 companies found that the reported benefits of executive coaching included:

·      Improved individual performance

·      Improved profit, client service and competitiveness

·      Development of people for the next level

·      Management/staff relationship improvement

·      Improved retention

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